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The Therapeutic Uses of Chamomile Tea, Peppermint and Hops

What do peppermint and chamomile and hops tea share in common? All three of them possess antispasmodic properties and are soothing to the nerves. These are wild plants that can be prepared as poultices, infusions, or herbal teas. Every one of the three is a wonderful healer with an herbal flavor that is distinct from the other.

Chamomile Tea & its Healing Benefits

For centuries, chamomile teas has been prepared as a mild tranquilizer to calm nervousness or anxiety. Children can even safely drink this tea and it is also used as poultice to treat burns, cuts, and bug bites. An additional tablespoon of natural honey or some natural sweetener can make it taste really sweet, if that’s how you like your tea. The kids will surely love it.

Chamomile is not difficult to grow and usually thrives next to the road in the country. It is considered a really important healer for the various uses it is good for. It’s also highly effective when applied like a poultice to ease inflammation and pain as well promote faster wound healing. If you intend to make use of the tea for anxiety reasons, you have to drink it twice or thrice every day.

Peppermint Tea & its Healing Benefits

Peppermint tea has a really delicious flavor. Even your children will find the flavor of peppermint tea difficult to resist. Peppermint tea can be used to treat the nerves, obstruction in the lungs and chest, chills, diarrhea, colic, and several infections, ad can as well be applied as antiseptic.

Just like chamomile as well as hops, peppermint tea should be a regular herbal tea stored in your home’s medicine cabinet. A lot of people may be are not aware they’ve got these healing herbs right inside their kitchen storeroom. Teas, herbs, spices, as well as raw vegetables all offer healing benefits, which may be used either internally and externally.

HopsTea – The Therapeutic Uses it has to Offer

Hops tea offer great relief for stress, nervousness, hiccups, and is also antispasmodic. We probably know that hops is best made into beer, but for many years the various parts of this vine-like plant had been utilized for a variety of medicinal reasons. Hops tea can be used to induce sleep when used like some sleep aid. The dried plant usually is stuffed inside the pillow to aid in sleeping.

Remember that in order to for natural healing to happen efficiently and quickly, we should be eat a balanced meal all together. While taking herbal teas and other homeopathic remedies, healthy eating should center on fresh vegetables fruits, and whole grains.When drinking herbal teas along with other homeopathic treatment, nutritious eating is supposed to center on fresh fruits and vegetables together with whole grains. A sugary diet must be entirely avoided while a person is sick.

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