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The Oil Mining Process.

Oil has different compounds which have different areas of application, before those compounds can be refined from oil it has to be extracted in crude form and subjected through some scientific processes. Crude oil does not just happen to be there, its formed by dead organisms undergoing decomposition over millions of years deep into the earth. The earth experiences some movement under the plates and in result the movements trap oil and natural gas between the reservoir rocks.

Oil drilling companies are very important as without them we would not be where we are today . To have oil, exploration followed by extraction has to take place and it’s all the work of oil companies. Exploration is conducted by geologists who are tasked with finding the crude oil and pinpointing the exact location where the extraction will be effected. They look for areas that have good conditions that may trap oil . The gravitational change in the earth’s crust will change from time to time and that needs to be observed by the geologists as it could indicate the direction in which the oil flows. 3D and 4D seismic imaging can also be used in the locating of oil that is trapped in the earth’s reservoir rocks. This kind of oil exploration works by sending some shocks with some special equipment deep into the hidden rocks of the earth.

To understand the results of this kind of imaging the reflection of the waves are analyzed . When the results of the exploration has revealed that a there are oil deposits that are worth mining , the area is marked with buoys if located under a water body and if on land the coordinates are marked. When an area has been identified , extraction does not begin right away. The geologist continues with their work by marking perimeter boundaries of the area, and also coming up with report s of the environmental impact. The oil company will not proceed to ,mine without the necessary mining rights and certifications from the authorities in charge. With the rights obtained the company begins the mining by clearing the area of any vegetation that may be obstructing movement. To move machinery easily the company starts by coming up with some access roads to the area to move machines with ease.

Water is important and needed in the drilling process and that is why the company will first drill boreholes if there is no water nearby. The excavation process will have a lot of mud and rocks being extracted which needs to be dumped, the company has to dig pits for this disposal. A pit is dug around the main drilling area for easy access, after that actual drilling can begin.

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